Arts, Humanities and Social Science

Volume 3, Issue 1
June 2017

Table of Contents
Who’s Enrolled in Dual Credit Courses: a Multiyear Analysis of Texas Community College Students
Dorothy B. Dixon, John R. Slate, George W. Moore, Wally Barnes, Robert D. Young, Jr.
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Japanese Women and Critical Feminism: A Qualitative Study
Melanie Belarmino, Melinda Roberts, Ph.D.
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How Medical Science Transfer To Europe
Javid Ahmad Bhat
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“Conflicts between Treaties, Vienna Convention 1969, Doctrine and Practice”
Phd. Fjorda Shqarri
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On Courtroom Questioning: A Forensic Linguistic Analysis
Jerson Sabang Catoto
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Health Scenario of Urban Slum and Non-Slum in India
Gulnawaz Usmani, Prof. Mrs. Nighat Ahmad
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