Arts, Humanities and Social Science

Volume 2, Issue 2
December 2016

Table of Contents
Impact of Independence of the Republic of Cameroun on the Future Independence and Reunification of British Southern Cameroons
Henry Kam Kah
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Reporting as a Strategy in Facilitating the Communicative Competence of English Learners
Jerson S. Catoto; Ariel E. San Jose, PhD
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Women’s Body as the site of Encroachment: A Critical Study of Amrita Pritam’s Novel Pinjar
Rachna Arora, Dr. Smita Jha
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Nursi’s School of Brilliance - Madrassah al-Zahrā
Zubair Hamid
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Agriculture Trend and Strategies to Improve the Agriculture under Limited Resource Conditions
Dr. R. Velusamy
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Training Needs of Rural Women in Hilly Areas for Their Empowerment
M. Kandeeban, R. Velusamy
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Gandeshwari Rivulet: A Geomorphic Study, West Bengal, India
Dr. Malavika Sinha
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Women’s Health Status and Child Health
Gulnawaz Usmani, Prof. Nighat Ahmad
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Traditional Healthcare Practices among the Villages of Khirshu, Pauri, Uttarakhand, India
R.K. Joshi
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