Arts, Humanities and Social Science

An Exploration into Grade 9 Students' Writing Anxiety in English Class: The Case of Sabian Secondary School, Dire Dawa, Ethiopia
Teshome Okubay

The main objective of this study was to explore grade 9 students' writing anxiety in English class concerning Sabian secondary school. To identify the factors that cause writing anxiety in the grade 9 students, the participants' perception towards writing, the impact of anxiety, and the strategies that the teachers use as the student overcome writing anxiety. Two kinds of data collection instruments were used; namely, questionnaire and interview. The data collected using these instruments were analyzed by making use of different statistical analysis methods and quantitative descriptions, percentage, and description of some qualitative data. The finding indicated that the large majority of the subjects of the study were found language difficulties, limited knowledge of vocabulary, personal perception, insufficient writing technique, time pressure, and fear of evaluation and making mistakes.

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