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The Economic Impact of the Dairy and Organic Farming: Naniborvai Village
Dr Sreeni K R

Naniborvi village of Aravalli District, Gujarat constitutes of seventy-five farmers and depends upon agriculture (both farming and animal husbandry) for their livelihood. Dairy farming plays a pivotal role in the farmer’s life by providing additional income along with achieving the major goal of organic farming. Most of the farmer’s landholding size is less than two acres and is classified into the category of marginal and small farmers. There are 245 livestock animals such as buffaloes and buffalos which play a major role in the farm ecosystem of the village. After the formation of dairy unit livestock farming reemerges with conventional farming and there is a paradigm shift to organic methods. Using organic manure farmers starts gaining maximum yields by protecting the environment and health. Present article provides some insight on the employment opportunities generated and the improvement in the standard of living of villagers which therefore is an important dimension of local economic development. In economical aspect, it’s a clear shift from linear to circular economy, which is the key aspect of village sustainable economic growth.

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