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Affiliation of Burger Likeliness in Accordance with Blood Group
Muhammad Imran Qadir, Muhammad Samraiz Umar

Objective of present study was to correlate blood grouping with burger likeliness. People can have blood type A, type B, type O or type AB. Blood containing red blood cells with type A antigen on their surface contains antibodies in their serum (antibodies) against type B red blood cells. If, during a transfusion, blood type B is injected into persons of type A blood, the red blood cells injected will be destroyed by the antibodies present in the blood of the recipient. Total subjects participated in this study were 173. Before starting the experiment, I sterilized my fingers with an alcoholic pad, then pricked my finger with the lancet. I grabbed the tip of my finger to get a drop of blood, and then transferred the blood to the sterile slide. There are three blood spots on the slide and the added A, B and D antisera. After pouring the serum on the blood, I tilted the slide to mix the blood well with the serum. After a short time, I checked for agglutination.

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