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Domestic Violence in India: A Case Study of Survivor
Dr. S. D. Mishra, Arundhati Sharma

India is a country where women are considered as goddess but still they are suffering from several women related issues like domestic violence, rape, dowry, harassment etc. Despite of remarkable achievements in the field of women’s development and bearing a magnanimous history of women’s movement, incidences of violence against women are still burning issues. Many laws are implemented by the govt. for the empowerment and protection of women. Women got empowered but still they are not safe. Crime against women is prevailing almost parts of county. Gujarat is famous for its traditional garbha during navratri and during this period women can move freely on roads during night also. It is considered as safest state of county but still women are dominated and harassed by males and their orthodox mentality. This is a case study of a small village Antroli of Kheda district, Gujarat. This is a real study of a girl of this village who got victim of domestic violence due to child marriage and orthodox mentality of society.

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