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Plantain Theory of Sustainable Development: The Accelerated Increase Paradigm for Nigeria

Sustainable Development is herein equated to the Plantain plant, which survives several adverse conditions. It was conducted through the descriptive approach where secondary data were obtained from the available published materials for analysis. The study canvassed that all projects selected for development in Nigeria to be sustainable should those, which have the quality of the plantain plant. It further proposed for the robust involvement of the robust involvement of the state in a mixed economy system, science education should emphasize, industrialization and development plan should be the dynamics for accelerated sustainable development in Nigeria. The study further prescribed that projects selected for inclusion in the accelerated sustainable development plan, should be selected based on project selection criteria, which would enable them reach the breakeven point and sustain itself. Development plan in which the people would not own up and become participants would not be sustainable. Sustainable Development Plan must assume the form of the ‘Marshall Plan’ to drive accelerated sustainable development in Nigeria.

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