Arts, Humanities and Social Science

An Identification of Main Challenges in Creating a Regional Integration Index for Regional Organization and Ways of Overcoming Them
Umar Kabanda

African regional Integration has been facing several ideological challenges among which include economics, political social and cultural ideological drives to regional Integration. The manifestation of these ideologies have also continued to influence regional organizations technical functioning. Therefore in response towards reducing these challenges in this paper, an identification of four main challenges in creating a regional integration index for regional organization and ways of overcoming them is presented. Furthermore in paper, four main solutions to the identified challenges to creating an efficient regional integration index will be introduced. These challenges will include among the following; Social- technology variations, (Social); wrong timing of indicator development and political influence from governments; (Political); money to facilitate the whole indicator creation process, (Economic); failed grass root participation and engagement in developing the indicators, (others). In addition, Justification to the applicability and solutions proposed respectively to the challenges will be presented to overcome the identified challenges. Lastly a way forward towards guaranteeing an efficient regional integration index aimed at creation efficient regional organizations function in Africa will be discussed.

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