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Relationship between Technology Leadership, ICT Facility, Competency, Commitments and Teachers Practices on Implementations with Effective Teacher’s Management Tasks in Schools
Arumugam Raman Ph.D; Sombint Shariff Ph.D

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is something that is growing rapidly in a globalized era and becoming an important element in the development of an organization. Leaders play an important role in ensuring effective application of ICT in the organization, particularly in schools. Review of previous studies more engaged to the level of technology leadership and the characteristics of technological leadership practiced by leaders in the school, while the factors of a more comprehensive which include facilities for ICT, competence, and commitment of teachers in the practices of applying ICT in the management which contributes a grant impact on the management duties of teachers in schools has not been studied in Malaysia. The purpose of this study is to identify whether there is a positive relationship between technology leadership, ICT facilities, competence, commitment and practice of applying ICT teachers with effective management duties of teachers in schools using ICT. This quantitative study involves 370 teachers in secondary schools in the Kedah state which were selected randomly. Respondents gave their views on aspects of technology leadership and ICT facilities available in schools. Respondents also indicated the level of competence and commitment to apply the computer in addition to giving an opinion on the effectiveness of the application of ICT in managerial duties at the school through a questionnaire validated by experts. The findings show that there is a positive relationship between technology leadership, ICT facilities, competence and commitment of teachers to use ICT and the effectiveness of management duties of teachers using ICT in school. The role of teacher practices using ICT to be used as a moderator has a positive correlation with ICT facilities. The framework established by adopting some models related to technology leadership and Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) can be used as guidelines in the application of ICT in the education system to make it more effective, particularly in systems management at school.

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