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Gandeshwari Rivulet: A Geomorphic Study, West Bengal, India
Dr. Malavika Sinha

The river is an open system. The nature of surface runoff is determined by climatic and geomorphic system. The assessment of present earth’s geological and climatic situations provides an idea about its evolutionary history. The analysis of present geographical situation gives an idea of its palaeo conditions. The India is a land of diversities. India contains a unique combination of geology, climatology and landform. The Indian landmass has crossed a long path with geological and climatic evolution. River plays a major role to integrate the landscape and ecological settings of its catchment area. The bornhardt and monadonack are not rare in Indian scenario. The Gandeshwari rivulet zone is the part of eroded plateau and the hill Shushunia is the example of monadonack and it is the larger edition of bornhardt in Indian context. The indiscriminate and commercial sand withdrawal from river bed has just started here (last two decades) but continuation of sand withdrawal practice will lead impacts on bottom configuration of river bed and it has been changing the riparian situation of Gandeshwari river.

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