Arts, Humanities and Social Science

Reporting as a Strategy in Facilitating the Communicative Competence of English Learners
Jerson S. Catoto; Ariel E. San Jose, PhD

This study aimed at determining the procedures followed in reporting strategy; how reporting strategy helped students enhance their communicative competence; and suggestions on how to improve the reporting as strategy in enhancing students’ communicative abilities. Five Focus Group Discussion (FGDs) were considered composed of tertiary English major students. Results showed that class reporting was usually done through voluntary basis and groupings. Also, class reporting was found to be beneficial because it enhanced not only the students’ language competence, self-confidence and soft skills but also developed their hidden talents. Moreover, it enabled students to discover their language strengths and weaknesses. It was implicated that orientation may be done before a strategy can be used; levelling of students’ may be done; group members may be given specific task; and rubrics may be explained before the strategy may be applied.

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