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Farmers Perception on Herbicide use for conservation of natural resources: a study at Gopalpur Village of Cooch Behar District
Ganesh Das

Herbicide was essential for control of infestation of weeds on different crop. Farmers were use different type of herbicide on crop field. Their perception on herbicide use may be different. Different government and private organisation took initiative to aware the farmer about the use of herbicide. But still a problem was found by Cooch Behar Krishi Vigyan Kendra that farmer perception of herbicides use were not homogeneous and the different sources of information may be use by the farmers for herbicide application. So a study was conducted at Gopalpur village in Cooch Behar district, West Bengal to know the farmer perception on herbicide use and sources of information utilize for herbicide application. The data were collected during August, 2016. The research design was followed in the study was survey research method. The sample size of the study was 100.The dependent variable of this study was perception and independent variables were age, gender, number of family member, caste, land holding, education, annual income and sources of information. The descriptive statistics like frequency, percentage, Pearson’s product moment correlation and other statistical tools were used for the investigation. This study had shown the relation of the perception of herbicide use with the different independent variable and the role of different extension mechanism for herbicide information providing.

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