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Testing Credibility of Ghanaian Elections in the Fourth Republic
Gbensuglo Alidu Bukari

The paper assessed the credibility of the six Ghanaian General elections conducted under the Fourth Republic and the emergence of victors. The controversy surrounding the results of the 1992 Presidential elections culminated in the boycott of the subsequent parliamentary elections in November 1992 and the petition of 2012 Presidential results by the main opposition party respectively is a concern. The methodological approach was desktop study based on the Electoral Commission of Ghana Data using an 'Election Governing Equation' (EGE), based upon which the election results were calculated and analyzed for credibility test. A variant of the EGE was applied as a standard tool to characterise and compare the credibility of the valid votes cast of Ghanaian General elections since 1992. The paper concludes that the elections results were unacceptable, when the total Parliamentary valid votes of the opposition exceeds the total Parliamentary valid votes cast of ruling party, in the case of 2012 General election results.

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