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Governance and Socio-Economic Development Debate in Sub- Saharan Africa: Issues and Perspectives in Ghana
Gbensuglo Alidu Bukari

The paper discussed the issue of governance agenda as a framework for socio-economic development in Sub-Saharan Africa with particular reference to Ghana. Whiles there is no disputing fact that governance is not an automatic panacea for development, it is equally true that it is the basis for equitable and more inclusive framework for equitable distribution of development programmes and projects. It is against this background that the paper examines the dichotomy between efforts at democratic governance and the intricate relationship between governance and economic development within the framework of Ghana's Fourth Republican Constitutional Democracy since 1992. The paper thus, underscored the view that Ghana is on course to democratic consolidation and socio-economic development, and argued that in an established democracy, good governance reinforces socio-economic development. It therefore, concludes that the growth of democratic culture must be linked to guarantee socio-economic development and equity for all citizens in Ghana.

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